Refrigeration Engineering

We can provide all types of refrigeration engineering services for commercial, recreational and industrial facilities. Our experience includes ice rinks and blast freezing and everything refrigerated in between. We take a lot of pride in our design and engineering work; whether you are building a new facility or addressing issues at an existing one, we can help.

Our refrigeration engineers and designers work very closely with owners, operators, and contractors to ensure that all projects are completed successfully. Regardless of whether we are doing a feasibility study, troubleshooting a challenging problem, or working through the many details of a facility design, we give every project the attention it deserves. Properly operating refrigeration systems are critical for our success and for the success of our customers.

Natural refrigerants like ammonia and CO2 are integral to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and helping contribute to a sustainable future.

Engineering the construction of refrigeration systems is an important part of ensuring that projects functions as intended and are built to today’s energy and construction standards. We can work with owners by providing preliminary and feasibility studies, capital spending and budget planning and complete design, tender and construction administration.

A large part of a great initial design is minimizing energy use, but things change. Components are replaced and refrigeration systems are often required to operate in situations for which they weren’t designed. We can examine an existing facility and make recommendations to improve energy efficiency. We can also build an energy model for a refrigeration plant to do some serious energy analysis for those who really want to take a good look at their consumption.

Our abundant experience in engineering, construction, operation and service of refrigeration systems lends itself well to troubleshooting the most difficult problems. We work with your contractor and plant engineers to find the root cause of almost any problem. Repeat failures and systemic problems can require patience and time to solve, we do what it takes.

One of our passions is to pass on the knowledge we’ve gained to others. We do this in an effort to improve the refrigeration industry. We train technicians, engineers, owners and operators about efficient refrigeration operation, safety and code requirements and best practices, refrigerants and the environment and many other topics.

Our president is a newly selected ASHRAE Distinguished Lecturer and has presented to technicians and engineering groups for many years.