At Cold Dynamics, our focus is on refrigeration.  We work with all types of food producers including, breweries, beverage, poultry, pork, beef, fruit and vegetable facilities. We can work with you on the design of a new facility that includes a critical and unbiased look at different technologies such as low-charge systems or we can work with you on a renovation or addition to an existing facilities. We excel at bringing great solutions to the table and are experts at solving difficult and challenging problems.  We provide services for cold storage, blast freezing, air chilling, IQF, and every other type of refrigeration required for production and distribution facilities. We also can provide engineering and consulting  to recreation and winter sport facilities from local curling clubs to large arena style ice rinks.

We also can provide operational support in a number of areas.  We can do third party performance verifications and commissioning of refrigeration systems, develop or review maintenance programs, or work with you addressing safety and operational concerns within facilities.

One of our main focuses is ammonia safety.  We can help by working with owners to develop Standard Operating Procedures, Hazard Assessments and Emergency Response Plans.  We also help develop Process Safety Information (PSI) such as ammonia charge/inventory calculations, accurate P&IDs, machine room ventilation reviews, and refrigerant over-pressure protection review and design.