About Us

Cold Dynamics was acquired by Laporte Engineering Inc. in 2019 and is no longer operating.  All consulting and engineering services are offered through Laporte Engineering Inc. www.laporteconsultants.com  We primarily provide engineering services throughout Canada but can also help with many projects in the United States. Our clients include food processors, cold storage and distribution facilities, contractors, engineering firms, bio tech and agriculture firms, arenas and curling rinks . If your company uses large commercial or industrial refrigeration systems, we can provide most engineering or support you need.  In addition to our expertise in design, operation and construction, we work extensively in ammonia safety and regulatory compliance.

We believe that by partnering with our clients and end users, refrigerated facilities can have a lasting positive impact on the environment by decreasing energy usage and lowering greenhouse gas emissions while continuing to provide safe and quality product. Most importantly, we can accomplish these goals while improving the operation of refrigeration systems.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop and deliver innovative and elegant solutions that take refrigeration systems from average to exceptional.

Our Vision

Our vision is a world where refrigeration systems do what they are expected to do, all of the time.